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Zero Waste: Scour Pads, Set of 2

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Scour Pads

By bonding together coconut husk and natural latex, we’ve created the perfect scour pad for everyday dishwashing, wiping down surfaces, and scrubbing your non-stick pots and pans. Living a zero-waste lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but our Zero Waste Collection is a great place to start. Made from natural materials, Zero by Full Circle allows you to swap out your sink-side favorites with products that are completely zero waste, without sacrificing function. - Perfect for everyday dishwashing or scrubbing surfaces clean. Safe on non-stick too! - 100% plant-based and made from coconut and natural latex. - Zero waste = completely biodegradable or compostable at end of life. (Including packaging!) Nothing gets sent to the landfill.  - Plastic-free packaging. - Set of 2 Scour Pads - 3.54" x 5.51" x .2"