Open Seas Coffee Spring 2021

Open Seas Coffee Spring 2021

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Peach, apple, floral, chamomile, chai in a complex lively cup

Roast : Light

Process : Washed

Components : Colombia (50%), Papua New Guinea (50%)

Region : Colombia (Caldas), Papua New Guinea (Western Highlands)

Producer : Ivanov Castellanos, Tio Conejo Farm along with multiple smallholder producers Variety : Caturra, Arusha, Bourbon, Typica

Altitude : 1500-2000 masl

As we enter into spring of 2021 we wanted to release a coffee that embodies the bright hopefulness and yet complexity of this particular spring season. It is a lively complex cup brimming with life and presents notes of peach, apple, florals, chamomile, and chai that is wonderfully sweet and pleasing.