Good Citizen Whole Bean Coffee

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Stay Golden - We think it's important to remember where you came from. We have gotten to share so many beautiful coffees with so many people over the years and we want to remember that even though we're now known as Good Citizen we were first Stay Golden. This coffee celebrates what we love about coffee - it's bright, fruity, & floral with a nice balance of creaminess and chocolate. 

Easy does it - Our Colombian decaf is one you can enjoy from start to finish. A mix of castillo and caturra and grown between 1200-2100 MASL - it is a washed, ethyl acetate decaf. All this means to you is that it's decaffeinated naturally using sugars and then steamed to ensure all of the caffeine is extracted. You'll taste caramel and toffee up front with a touch of lemon acidity. This is a sweet and creamy coffee that will perk up your taste buds only.

Aim high - Set your sights on a goal and run after it! Aim High is a reminder to not be afraid to fail. You'll never regret running towards your dreams. For us Aim High takes two sentimental coffees and blends them into a sweet and bright blend that pleases your palate. This cup tastes like strawberries and red fruit with a sugar sweetness that coats the tongue.