DIY Kintsugi Kit - Kintsugi Repair Kit - Adult Craft Kit  S.A.L.T. Provisions

DIY Kintsugi Kit - Kintsugi Repair Kit - Adult Craft Kit

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DIY Kintsugi Kit  - A kit that loves every break, crack and chip! Imperfection is the new Perfection! When repairing something in life, we often look to repair it to exactly as it was beforehand. However, as Kintsugi teaches us, sometimes it’s better to wear our imperfections and use them to our advantage. For anyone interested in repairing items without trying to simply return them to the impossible past, our Kintsugi Kit offers the ideal starting point. Designed to help you master the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, you will learn to use a coloured glue to help seal the cracks and snaps of items back shut. What’s included? ✩ Bison Epoxy Fast Glue 24 ml - Locally produced on The Netherlands ✩ Premium Non Toxic Colour Powder ( 3g) - 12 Available Colours ✩ Wood Brush ✩ Bamboo Mixing Sticks ✩ Recycled Palm Leaf Mixing Tray ✩ Gloves ✩ Illustrated Instructions Try it out for yourself today, and see why our Kintsugi is the ideal choice for your shop.