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  • Organic, Certified Organic, Vegan, Woman owned
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COCONUT SHELL- 100% BIODEGRADABLE HAND POURED SOY WAX CRACKLING WOODEN WICK FRAGRANCE-FREE MADE IN SMALL BATCHES Sugar Bloom is fresh & sweet! Top Notes : Mandarin Peels Middle : Grapefruit, Agave Base : Peach & Sugar Our favorite part beside the delectable fragrance? The soothing crackling wooden wick. It *might* just be as good as a day at the spa. The stylish and earthy coconut shell can be composted when empty. Please discard the wick's small metal holder in the recyclable bin prior. Net weight : 10.58 oz | 300 g | Burn time : up to 50 hours Coconut shells are a raw material. Your unique Coco-Candle may differ from picture. +++ WARNING BURN WITHIN SIGHT, AWAY FROM COMBUSTIBLES, CHILDREN AND PETS. AVOID DRAFTS AND BURN ON HEAT SAFE SURFACES. DO NOT EXCEED 4 HOURS OF BURN TIME. Made in Vietnam