Bark Milk Chocolate Hand Poured “Polka Crunch” 🎶 1/3 Pound freeshipping - S.A.L.T. Provisions

Bark Milk Chocolate Hand Poured “Polka Crunch” 🎶 1/3 Pound

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Milk Chocolate

All of O’Shea’s chocolate barks are hand tempered & poured from one of our original marble slabs that our founders used starting in 1934. We start with O’Shea’s pure milk chocolate blends & add in inclusions for each variety. We temper the chocolate to exactly 87 degrees and pour this in a thin format for an optimal eating experience. Once cooled the chocolate has a great shine & snap. These make great impulsive pickups at the register & merchandise well in all gifting & snack sections. Each of these are packaged & ready for resale with a flare top. We call this variety our “Polka Crunch 🎶 “ which contains Pretzels, peanuts, & flakes which make a perfect combination of sweet & salty bark.