New Beginnings—Fresh Start, Fresh Ideas

The past two years S.A.L.T. Provisions had an amazing couple of summers! Now, we’re all looking forward to what this summer will bring us — starting with a new creative paint job and some display rearranging we’re off to a fresh start with fresh ideas. Being the only store in town that sells new and used vinyl, on Record Store Day, April 21st we decided to try something new with live music by esCape hatCh entertaining shoppers. The event was a success and we want to thank everyone who came out to show support. We plan to have more live music events during the summer season, so stay tuned! With an entire new look, we’re excited to showcase some new products. We’ve got new cleaning tools from Full Circle to go with new organic soaps and cleaners from Sapadilla, our Farmhouse Fresh line has an array of facemasks, and we will also have a wider variety of food products. We had to make some room for these new products but we still carry everyone’s favorites, including but not limited to, Archipelago’s candles, Bee’s Wrap, and bath bombs, as well as our mix of men and women’s clothing. Our extensive variety of products set us apart from the other stores in downtown Bethany and with new items constantly coming in you’ll never want to miss out. So come check us out often. S.A.L.T. = Sustenance, Apparel, Lifestyle, and Tunes. We have something for everyone and every occasion.


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