Fourth of July Recap

The week of July 4th is our favorite time of the year. With the hustle and bustle of families traveling from all over the place to spend Independence Day with us, here in Bethany. The hecticness of the 4th of July is nothing new here, but one game changer we did experience was the a/c unit in our store going out. That’s right, it died. No cool air to combat the summer heat, and conveniently during our busiest time of the year. Even with the a/c set back, we still managed to make the most of it. Many people seemed to enjoy the abundance of large fans we had throughout the store. One thing that didn’t change this year for us was our participation in the Bethany 4th of July parade. This year was notably special for us, because S.A.L.T. Provisions received the title - Best of Delaware, Editors’ Choice award for 2019, and we were finally able to share that with you all. Even though the 4th came and went, we still have a lot of summer left to enjoy, so definitely come by the store and pick up some of your summer favorites. Check out the pictures below from our float!

Festival Fever

Festival season is upon us, are you ready? If not yet, that’s okay! S.AL.T. Provisions is carrying all your glamping needs starting with your new outfit ensembles. With the colorful men’s button downs from favorite brands like Duvin and Imperial Motion, and easy, breezy pieces for the ladies from Wanderlux and Rhythm that will give you a fresh, glamorous look and keep you cool while listening to your favorite artists. When raging throughout the day, There are certain things you will want to have on you constantly, like sunscreen. We are carrying a new brand of sunscreen from Bare Republic with its broad spectrum SPF, vegan, cruelty free, and amazing scents, you’ll want to reapply. S.A.L.T is also still carrying your favorite reusable items including -- Full Circle’s bpa free, reusable zip bags to store food, money, merchandise, or anything else you can think of. Another way you can reduce your use of plastic is by bringing your own reusable water bottles to refill. If you don’t have one or need a new one, we have several to choose from with cute designs to perfectly match your festival aesthetic, as well as washable metal straws to drink with. We want to make it possible for you to enjoy your favorite music while also leaving a smaller footprint.

Summer’s Here

We have had an exciting, crazy, busy month of May preparing for our fourth summer! All the new products and projects we have been getting in and working on has taken up a lot of our time this past month (which is why I haven’t been able to post any new content yet). Our kick off to the summer began the Friday leading up to Memorial Day. Definitely one of our busiest weekends of the year. It was thrilling to see Bethany so lively again, along with seeing some familiar faces, as well as many new folks. Your strong support for S.A.L.T. Provisions is what has helped us be able to continue to provide the highest quality goods. Every summer we bring in new and different items that haven’t been seen in previous years, like our newly added Cat Corner for all the cat lovers who love to spoil their fur babies and themselves. We have added a lot of new products, but we still carry our staple items. One fan favorite being our ever growing vinyl collection - with new and used tunes from any genre you could think of. We constantly bring in new and different items throughout the summer, so you won’t want to miss out on something special. S.A.L.T. Provisions is now open daily from 9am - 10pm.

Plastic Sucks!

Minimizing our usage of non-reusable plastic products is something I think we all like the idea of and want to strive for, but in reality is something we aren’t the best at actually committing to. Did you know, “9.1 Billion tons of plastic has been produced since plastic was introduced in the 1950’s…. virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some shape of form”. You may be thinking “It can’t be that bad, what about recycling?!” Surprisingly enough, the majority of the plastic we use doesn’t get recycled, the majority being 91%. That’s a lot of plastic ending up in our ecosystems that will affect the plant and animal life for years even if we were to drastically reduced our plastic intake immediately. As devastating as that all sounds it’s important that we all make an effort to change the fate of our plastic problem for the sake of our planet and ourselves. At SALT Provisions we carry a variety of everyday items to help replace one use plastic items. Check out the photos bellow to get inspired about switching to reusable.

Fourth Of July!


Just a couple more days until the most eventful, fun-filled holiday of the summer -- Independence Day! Not only do we get another year of commemorating our independence and freedom, we celebrate the grandest birthday EVER! And the best way to celebrate another year, 242 years to be exact, is with a party!

SALT Provisions has all your party essentials. We’ve got sustenance for your BBQ cookout, décor for your party table and, of course, the prefect clothing ensembles to represent our country’s spirit (and to help you stay cool on a hot summer’s day). You can never over do it on the red, white and blue we have to offer.

I have spent the last two Independence Days here in Bethany and I must say it has to be my favorite place to celebrate the occasion. One of the many reasons has to be the annual Fourth of July Parade that tours through downtown Bethany. Last year SALT participated in the parade with our nautical themed float. We had such a blast we decided we had to do it again. Be on the look out for our float this year. It will be bigger and better than before!! !! Join us after the parade for an in-store party with refreshments, face painting, games, and prizes!

Take a look at our independence day inspired photo gallery of items you can purchase at SALT Provisions 


We all know that growing our own produce is the better option for food production and consumption, but why? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that there are about 29 different pesticides in the average American’s body from the produce we consume (that’s a lot, we shouldn’t be consuming any). What are pesticides? “Pesticides are mixes of chemicals used to kill, repel, or control certain plants or animals that are considered pests” ( With that being said, I think it’s fairly obvious that pesticides are not the healthiest things to consume. If these pesticides are meant to kill other living creatures, imagine what it’s doing to us. Another reason growing your own food is a lot better is its low impact on harming the environment. The amount of energy used to grow, harvest, and transport food is outrageous, not to mention the cost. One source says that it takes on average, 1,500 miles to transport food which translates to nearly 10 kilo calories of fossil fuels ( 

All this information can be a bit overwhelming but it isn't too late to change. Investing in growing your own food will benefit you, your family, and the planet in the long run. At SALT Provisions we care about our customers' wellbeing and want to provide nothing but the best. That being said, we now carry Urban Agriculture Co. Grow Kits for the consumer who strives for a healthier lifestyle. We have a variety of grow kits from vegetables and herbs, even flowers. Chad Corzine, Urban Agriculture’s founder explained the Grow Kits, “are designed to simplify the process of city gardening by providing you with everything needed for a fun and easy growing experience”. The Grow Kits make gardening easy for everyone in any location. The grow kits all come with one pack of organic seeds, one container to grow the plant and the container is made from 100% recycled tea bags that allow the soil to be aerated and drained. All you need to do is keep the grow kits in some sunshine and water them, instructions are provided on every kit. Urban Agriculture Company may be your solution to enjoy healthy, fresh, and organic food and maybe even find a new hobby in gardening! Check out the pictures below for the different Grow Kits we carry at SALT Provisions.


Father's Day

Father’s Day is only a couple days away and I know some of you haven’t gotten anything for the dad in your life yet but never fear, SALT Provisions has everything you need to create the perfect gift that your dad will love and actually use! We are trying something new this year to help better your gift giving experience -- customizable gift baskets. Pick out any items, minimum of three, in our store, put them in a basket provided for you, we will wrap it and you will receive 10% off the entire order. You can mix and match with clothes, food, dishware, etc. If you’re feeling uninspired or not sure what to get, ask one of our SALT team members and we can create your perfect gift for any occasion. We have some Father's Day examples for you below.

Sun, Fun & Food

Summer is the season for cookouts and we will all go to at least one this summer if not more. Hotdogs and hamburgers are some original favorites but if you’re really looking to spice up your next outdoor gathering or just to try something new SALT Provisions now has an incredible new selection of food goods, from an array of hot sauces and mustards to pastas and vegan tomato sauces. We will also have fresh bread and herbs available for purchase every morning at the store. Come by SALT Provisions and discover something you never knew you needed! Scroll through our food gallery below to get inspired for your next cookout.

Free Firefly Ticket!

Firefly music festival is just a few weeks away, and for those of you who haven’t purchased your ticket yet we have an opportunity for you to get one for FREE!! Yes, you did read that right, S.A.L.T. Provisions is giving you the opportunity to enter and possibly win a free Firefly four day pass. Here’s how to enter; On May 24th come by the store and purchase any of the items that we have specifically stated (these items are listed below) and you will be entered in a drawing for the ticket.The contest begins and ends during our store hours on May 24th, winner will be announced the 25th. The best part of this opportunity is that 10% of the proceeds from these items will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Here’s St. Jude’s mission statement, “The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.” The St. Jude cause means a lot to us at S.A.L.T. as well as all the children and family’s who would appreciate your support. We hope to see you all come out this Thursday, May 24th and through out the rest of this Memorial weekend. What better way to kick off the summer! It feels good to do good.

Our firefly faves: These products are essential for your firefly campsite that you and your friends can enjoy when you're not watching your favorite artists. This is the list of items we have picked for the proceeds to be donated to St. Jude, as well as your chance to win the Firefly ticket.

  • Full Circle – Pour over hot & cold brew bottle
  • Fill Circle – Reusable sandwich bags
  • Iron and Resin 16oz camping cups
  • Ridley’s Games Room – Party Compendium
  • Gentlemen’s Hardware – All waterproof playing cards
  • Gentlemen’s Hardware – Texas hold’em poker set
  • Skeen Design – Citronella verbena bug spray
  • Patio Oil – Lemon eucalyptus bug spray
  • Jao refresher – natural sanitizer not just for hands
  • The Cottage Greenhouse body wash
  • All men and women's clothing
  • Everything in the children's section 



New Beginnings—Fresh Start, Fresh Ideas

The past two years S.A.L.T. Provisions had an amazing couple of summers! Now, we’re all looking forward to what this summer will bring us — starting with a new creative paint job and some display rearranging we’re off to a fresh start with fresh ideas. Being the only store in town that sells new and used vinyl, on Record Store Day, April 21st we decided to try something new with live music by esCape hatCh entertaining shoppers. The event was a success and we want to thank everyone who came out to show support. We plan to have more live music events during the summer season, so stay tuned! With an entire new look, we’re excited to showcase some new products. We’ve got new cleaning tools from Full Circle to go with new organic soaps and cleaners from Sapadilla, our Farmhouse Fresh line has an array of facemasks, and we will also have a wider variety of food products. We had to make some room for these new products but we still carry everyone’s favorites, including but not limited to, Archipelago’s candles, Bee’s Wrap, and bath bombs, as well as our mix of men and women’s clothing. Our extensive variety of products set us apart from the other stores in downtown Bethany and with new items constantly coming in you’ll never want to miss out. So come check us out often. S.A.L.T. = Sustenance, Apparel, Lifestyle, and Tunes. We have something for everyone and every occasion.


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What a year!

So 2016 will be a remarkable and memorable year for a lot of reasons both good and bad, but as the year draws to a close I can firmly say we are in the Good category with S.A.L.T. Our first year was a success on all fronts and the positive, warm, and welcoming response from all of our patrons this year was amazing! It was a whirlwind and the year certainly flew by, a habit the years are developing quickly. Perhaps next year, with things more settled in I can make an attempt at more regular blog posts. It's certainly going on my list of New Year's Resolutions. Right now we are looking forward to a great holiday shopping season kicking off with major Small Business Saturday deals! Bethany has so many great shops so be sure to come out and support this and shop local. For even bigger deals make sure to swing by the Bethany Beach Bookstore and pick up one of their Small Business tote bags, they are $5 but have coupons from all the participating business and I can assure you its way worth it!! They only have 100 available so don't wait, they sold out quickly last year. In store we have a huge new record order as well as record players on their way, the men's and women's summer clothing is deeply discounted to make sure I have room for next years goodies, and the grooming products will be on sale as well. We will be more than happy to help you build the perfect gift basket for that special someone in your life or you can choose from our curated selection of pre-packed and already gift wrapped baskets to make gifting a breeze this year. Don't forget, its eatin' season and we have all the sauces, oils, sauces, mustards, and spices you need to whip up all your favorite holiday treats and goodies! Plus the pans and dishes to cook, bake, and serve them in. We will be open weekends until Christmas, as late as 6pm on Saturdays, and Bethany will be hosting all kinds of fun holiday events for the family all December long. Be sure and stop in for some holiday treats before catching the tree lighting or a carriage ride! S.A.L.T. Provisions wants to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped make our first year awesome! We already have a lot of great things in store for the upcoming year and we are looking forward to more fun next season!! 

20 Gallons of Paint & Some Elbow Grease...

                         ...or how the store was transformed.

                         ...or how the store was transformed.

Well it was almost three months to the day since S.A.L.T. took over Shop #8 at the Lighthouse Station and you can tell we've used every one of those days to get ready for our Grand Opening last Thursday night.  From the miles of fluorescent tube lighting to the mauve sand soaked carpeting we had our work cut out for us. With a little imagination, a lot of help from some friends, and an unimaginable amount of paint the shop was upgraded to a comfortable, fresh space.

        Where we started, after the lighting was removed. That trim came down ASAP as well.

        Where we started, after the lighting was removed. That trim came down ASAP as well.


Swapping out the lights for energy efficient, style conscious LED tracks practically transformed the space enough to call it quits there. The whole energy of the space was softened and the ability to re-position the lights made for functional improvements that highlight rather than wash out the product.

                              That's enough fluorescent lighting to open a Wal-Mart.

                              That's enough fluorescent lighting to open a Wal-Mart.

      Even with the old-fashioned Edison bulbs this space looks like its in the 21st century now.

      Even with the old-fashioned Edison bulbs this space looks like its in the 21st century now.


Our brute strength was put to the test as Momma and I ripped out the carpet. The glue was old enough where it let go from the floor easily but even cutting the carpet in to small strips could mitigate the added weight of 15 years of sand. Bit by bit though we got the dark, smelly, fibrous mess out of here.

                    I'm just over here "documenting" the process while                                   she does all the hard work...

                    I'm just over here "documenting" the process while

                                 she does all the hard work...

       Small forest of carpet sections, and this was just a fraction of it!

       Small forest of carpet sections, and this was just a fraction of it!

The next step was to bring in some heavy equipment with the help of the team over at Coastal Rentals and Hydraulics to get the floors cleaned up. We rented a large floor sander and just as we were starting to get a good work flow going we had a huge setback. The cord got sucked into the drum and sent sparks flying! We know the sander was in top shape because it went right through the cord. Luckily no one was hurt and the guys at CRH were able to get us a sander just a couple days later. So we got a good nights sleep and tackled the project carefully Monday morning. Despite the fact that there were a couple areas of water damage when we pulled the carpet up we got it all polished to a nice smooth finish.

Pretty smooth for a couple amateurs. There was a lot of moving heavy things here & there too.                                                       Moving that jewelry case was arm and leg day combined.

Pretty smooth for a couple amateurs. There was a lot of moving heavy things here & there too.                         

                            Moving that jewelry case was arm and leg day combined.


The finish of the floor was crucial to the next step. After getting all the quotes available on every kind of flooring, all of which were a huge chunk of change (that I would rather spend on bringing in product) we decided to go with more paint! We hemmed and hawed over all the various paint samples and combinations we had, six colors in total with one being a base and the other being a stencil color.  Everyone who stopped in to visit the project was forcibly polled for their design input, with the responses spread evenly over the color spectrum we laid out for them. Since the wall color was one of the first things we decided on, and since I am a truly lacking any painting skills (read: I'm a bit of a sloppy painter) the walls went first.

             We went with the one on the left, gut reaction. The name was a fun coincidence.

             We went with the one on the left, gut reaction. The name was a fun coincidence.


Slowly but surely we cleaned, patched, and primed every inch of slat wall and ceiling, walls and trim. Then we hauled in eight gallons of the very appropriately named Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams and got down to it. We did the ceiling and walls all in one color to make the room appear taller and less like a tunnel. The color lightened up the whole room, giving the space a new energy. And after all that the colors for the floor came to us, and naturally they were completely different from any thing we had picked out.

       I give Michelangelo all the respect, I could barely handle getting one color on the ceiling.

       I give Michelangelo all the respect, I could barely handle getting one color on the ceiling.


We went with a neutral grey for the base color in a flat finish and a rich teal for the stencil in a high shine finish so they really popped. After a few test runs in the back room I just went for it, eyeballing the spacing of the pattern and peppering in the smaller leaves.

                        I have a fuller appreciation of the phrase                                                                                   "Don't paint yourself into a corner"

                        I have a fuller appreciation of the phrase                                                    

                             "Don't paint yourself into a corner"

   One of the first moments I got really excited about the look of the store. The floor paint with          stencils idea was totally conceptual and this gave me confidence it would work practically.

   One of the first moments I got really excited about the look of the store. The floor paint with   

     stencils idea was totally conceptual and this gave me confidence it would work practically.

In the full space I went with a sprinkling of the leaves as opposed to the    liberally peppered vibe in the backroom. I like sprinkles better anyway.

In the full space I went with a sprinkling of the leaves as opposed to the

  liberally peppered vibe in the backroom. I like sprinkles better anyway.

The whole space really came together though, with the addition of the antique display pieces and consignment furniture by local furniture restorer, Karen Murray. We also finished the window box (which was of course also carpeted) with some faux brick and big surprise, more paint. In the week leading up to the grand opening we wrote a punch list, knocked it out and then realized we'd have to start a new one for all the things we missed. I had a tremendous amount of help from my family and we got through it all.

I want to thank everyone that came opening night or stopped in opening weekend and made it a success. All the elbow grease paid off and we are looking forward to an exciting season ahead!

                                                       It looks like a real store now!

                                                       It looks like a real store now!

See S.A.L.T.

The transition is beginning. We moved out of beau monde's Fenwick location in October with an eye on expansion.  We settled on the new name as it better captures the vibe of the new location. It is an acronym meaning Sustenance, Apparel, Lifestyle, and Tunes. S.A.L.T. will keep many of the men's and women's lines that beau monde brought you as well as the vinyl records but with a larger variety in companion product. For Sustenance look for a wide variety of goodies from olive oils and spices to honey and locally baked pies from Sedona in miniature form! Sauces and spices rubs for cookouts and crackers and dry dip mixes will help you entertain. Coffee and teas will help you get the day started right. Unique cooking and serving vessels will be on hand and when you finish there will be sustainable storage options available, plus organic soaps and detergents. Lifestyle covers all manner of the day to day, from the furniture you need to fill your home to your morning grooming and beauty routines, games and toys to entertain little ones to party accessories. The seasonally rotating selection of goods will provide something new and different, to accompany the core selection. The blog will feature brand spotlights after we open to help tell the story of our products but for now you can use to the blog to watch our progress as we remodel our store location and work toward our grand opening, Easter weekend! Stay SALTy Bethany!